Sergeant First Class Lizandro M. enlisted in the Army in 1981 and was quickly promoted through the ranks. In 2007, during one of his deployments to Iraq, Lizandro sustained injuries to his shoulder, knees, ankles, and spine after being run over by his vehicle and dragged underneath. For the better half of ten years, Lizandro and his family have lived in the Washington, DC area, undergoing surgery upon surgery for his injuries, including multiple procedures to reposition his organs.

With the support of our donors, Luke’s Wings had the opportunity to provide three flights for Lizandro, his wife and granddaughter to visit his aging mother. With these flights, this resilient family was able to take respite leading up to Lizandro’s vigorous surgery schedule, spanning the months of September through late October. “My husband’s mother has a great fear of flight and for your organization to allow us to fly to see her prior to his surgery has us in the greatest state of gratitude. We thank you so much for this opportunity!”

Total Value of Flights: $1,000

June 22, 2020