Sergeant First Class Jake G. (Ret.) enlisted in the Army over 14 years ago and earned his Green Beret shortly thereafter. He was deployed to Afghanistan a few months after graduation and found his calling while serving in both the 7th and 3rd Special Forces Groups. Jake has deployed four times to Afghanistan and was injured during three out of the four – first on his 2009-2010 deployment, again in 2013, with his final injury occurring in 2015. After undergoing multiple surgeries, doctors made the tough decision that they could no longer salvage his ankle. Ultimately, Jake had his right leg amputated at the knee at Brooke Army Medical Center in 2017. Jake, his wife, and their three young boys now live in North Carolina while Jake’s entire family resides in California. During Christmas, Luke’s Wings was able to reunite this amazing family of five with Jake’s family, bringing them together for the first time since 2010.

Total Value of Flights: $3,490

July 6, 2020