Injured and wounded soldiers deserve to spend time with their families, especially during the holidays. The festive season is a time to bond and reconnect with family members. At Luke’s Wings, we’re dedicated to providing help for veterans during their healing and recovery journey. Our goal is to offer airplane tickets to families of injured or wounded soldiers, service members, and veterans.

Why “No Service Member Spends Christmas Alone?”

No Service Member Spends Christmas Alone is acampaign we run to help support our injured and wounded service men and women. Soldiers have given their all to serve the country and face various risks, including injuries, disability, PTSD, addictions, and accidents. Luke’s Wings is a non-profit organization committed to flying military and police families and lifting spirits. The No Service Member Spends Christmas Alone campaign aims to support even more families.

During Christmas and the festive season, we often see increased demand for flights from people traveling to see family members. Veteran families also need flights to be with their loved ones. At Luke’s Wings, we run various initiatives to organize and secure air travel for family members of soldiers and veterans. Since 2012, our organization has been raising money for plane tickets and travel expenses for families of warriors.

The Christmas initiatives seek to manage increased demand for our services. Luke’s Wings wants no service member to spend Christmas alone. We provide air travel arrangements, including flight tickets and discounts. Luke’s Wings accepts donations and provides Christmas gifts to show their appreciation for your support. As a non-profit organization, your donations help to facilitate our mission and say yes to families of wounded warriors in treatment centers.

How Can You Support Soldiers & Their Families?

Many wounded soldiers spend Christmas in hospitals and recovery/rehabilitation centers. Some centers are several miles away, and families may not be in a position to finance the travel experience. Other families need to constantly travel back and forth to see their loved one and manage their jobs. Air travel can become costly. At Luke’s Wings, we raise funds and resources to support families that want to spend time with their loved ones injured during their service.

We offer plane tickets and seats to service members, veterans, and fallen officers. Our organization relies on donations from well-wishers and anyone looking to support our warriors. Luke’s Wings accepts various contributions, including cash deposits, airplane miles, vouchers, and more. Our mission is to have flights ready when family members of injured warriors need them. Here are three ways you can support wounded service members this Christmas:

1. Donation Cards & Ornaments

The Christmas cards and ornaments are gifts we give you when you donate to Luke’s Wings. We have various cards and ornaments for your contribution. You can support one, two, or three flights or make any donation you would like. The cards and ornaments are specifically for the No Service Member Spends Christmas Alone campaign and has no limits. You can donate as little as one dollar or thousands. Your card or ornament will feature an acknowledgment of your donation.

2. Delta Miles & Vouchers

Luke’s Wings is proud to be among the few charities that partner with Delta SkyWish. The program allows flight users to donate their accumulated miles to our charity. Most commercial airplanes offer miles, which are more like points when shopping at a supermarket. The miles are redeemable and can pay for flight tickets, hotel reservations, and other travel expenses. You can donate your Delta SkyMiles to fund help for veterans and their families this Christmas.

3. Cash Donations

Supporting the families of wounded service members and veterans is part of our mission. Cash donations you make to the organization go into organizing emergency travel plans. You can donate cash online via supported online payment methods. Luke’s Wings also accepts donations sent via mail and over the phone. 

Help For Veterans & Wounded Warriors

Luke’s Wings is dedicated to rallying help for wounded warriors and service members. We also provide assistance for major illnesses, veterans in hospice care, fallen offices, and special operators. Our goal is to offer flights to the loved ones of those injured during combat or training accidents. We have four distinct programs: 

  • WWTAP: Wounded Warriors Transportation Assistance Program
  • MITAP: Major Illnesses Transportation Assistance Program
  • HTAP: Veterans in Hospice Transportation Assistance Program
  • SOTAP: Special Operations Transportation Assistance Program

Injured service members may be restricted to military hospitals or special clinics where they receive ongoing in-patient medical care. Some warriors face long, difficult recoveries and rehabilitation. At Luke’s Wings, we want our service members to be able to see their families during this challenging period. Our organization can help find, book, and gift airplane tickets and seats for families of injured warriors.

Programs like MITAP help veterans and service members with chronic illnesses like cancer acquired during deployment. Veterans in palliative or hospice care also need their families beside them in their final moments.

Make a Difference Today

Luke’s Wings is committed to planning air travel so that families can spend time with their heroes. We’re committed to providing help for veterans, active service members, and fallen officers. Choose to make a difference today by making a donation.

December 12, 2022