Military deployments to new regions affect family life, so different stakeholders offer unique plans for military families to travel easily. Travel assistance for military families caters to handling plans, especially when families have to see ill, wounded, or fallen soldiers. Luke’s Wings provides military family travel assistance with unique benefits to help support our troops and their families.

Airfare and Travel Package Discounts

Traveling can be costly, but military personnel and their families enjoy discounts to ease the travel expenses. These discounts apply during off-peak and peak travel seasons to cater to their needs.

Some of the perks that military families can enjoy include:

  • Airfare discounts
  • Reduced or free baggage fees
  • Discounted pet travel rates
  • Exclusive access to travel lounge packages at different airports
  • Accommodation package discounts for hotels and rental cars

None of the travel discounts are automatic or specified within a specific rate. Luke’s Wings can help you inquire for the best discounts to best plan your trip ahead of time. Our team consults with partner companies for the best rates to facilitate your travel.

Access to Special Passports

Passports are essential for travel. While military personnel may have access to military passports that have perks, standard ones held by family members do not often have perks. Military family members can access no-fee passports when traveling abroad. This special passport is synonymous with the one government officials get while traveling on official duty.

Dependents receive no-fee passports with special permission to travel and honor their deceased family member within the military. The passport exempts its holder from the usual passport fees, making traveling easier.

Emergency Travel Plans

Traveling can be stressful since you have to consider transport and living accommodations with each deployment. Traveling for hospital visits can be challenging without the right help. Since injury and illnesses are classified as emergencies, military families need emergency travel services.

At Luke’s Wings, we organize emergency travel plans for military families, allowing them to be with their loved ones during recovery. Staying together during difficult moments brings your family together; let us handle your travel plans competently.

Expedited Screening

An area that presents difficulty to every passenger is the screening process. Normally, travelers have to go through checkpoints, which can be stressful and cause delays.

Veterans, service members, and Department of Defense members automatically qualify for expedited security screening at select domestic airports. In some emergencies, this list can also include military family members attending to emergencies for their injured or deceased relatives in the Armed Forces.

The TSA Precheck allows participants to keep shoes, belts, and light jackets on. They can also leave 3-1-1 compliant liquids and laptops within their carry-on bags.

Get Military Family Travel Assistance

Planning travel arrangements when your loved one is injured can be challenging, but our experts can help. You need military family travel assistance services handled with competency and care.

Luke’s Wings is a non-profit organization that offers emergency travel assistance for military families while they visit their injured or deceased loved ones. By offering wounded and injured military members and their families quality travel services, we allow them to be with their loved ones during difficult times.

July 1, 2022