Families are entirely on their own when traveling back and forth between everyday life and their new reality. The government provides limited flights for family members to be near their loved ones recovering from injury. Our team offers help for veterans and complimentary airfare to fallen officers, ill, and wounded during rehabilitation and recovery. We know how vital the physical presence of loved ones is for recovery, and that’s where Luke’s Wings steps in.

1. Wounded Warriors

We provide flights for the loved ones of service members who have sustained injuries in combat or training and are receiving medical care at a military hospital. Our team helps keep these families together. We support and make sure they’re well during the challenging and long rehabilitation and recovery process.

2. Fallen Officers

Our team provides complimentary airfare and emergency travel coordination for the family members of fallen officers. We value the sacrifice our officers make daily and will do whatever we can to support their families. Our aim is to assist them on their recovery journey and ease their financial burden.

Luke’s Wings is committed and dedicated to helping our national heroes and their family members during their journey through difficult times.

3. Folks With Major Illness

Luke’s Wings works hard to make sure that our clients aren’t inconvenienced with travel arrangements for illness. We assist them in getting the best care available for their loved ones at home. Our team helps keep families together by securing timely and convenient flight options. It’s our goal to ease the burden on our friends and loved ones by making life a little easier for them.

4. Help for Veterans in Hospice

End-stage illness is one of the worst challenges you will ever face. Hospice care isn’t affordable for everyone, so we provide flights, transportation services, and help for veterans in hospice. We will do whatever we can to be there for them during a crisis.

5. Individuals Under Special Operations

Luke’s Wings provides free travel coordination and airfare to the loved ones of special operators during rehabilitation and recovery. These elite groups include Special Forces, Marines, Navy SEALs, Green Berets, Army Rangers, and the Air Force Special Operations Command.

Our team will do whatever we can to make sure their loved ones have an easy travel experience. We help ease their burden and reduce financial travel concerns for the loved ones of service members during this difficult time.

6. Individuals Recovering After Disasters

Travel expenses after a disaster make it difficult for family members to be together during challenging times. It’s our goal to make sure that travel is as easy and affordable as possible, so they don’t have to worry about financial burdens during their time of need. Our team will work hard to coordinate one-way or round-trip travel for family members who are in need during a disaster.

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Our team is committed to providing our friends and family members with the best care. Luke’s Wings knows that family is everything and we’ll do whatever it takes to keep your loved ones close. We are dedicated to making the journey easy and enjoyable for our friends and family.

Our team is ready and waiting to bring your loved ones home. We’re committed to helping our friends through a difficult time of recovery and easing the financial burden. Contact us today for more information and how we can be a part of your journey.

August 26, 2022