Travel plans can be expensive and difficult to make for military service members and their families, especially when planned under emergency circumstances. At Luke’s Wings, we pride ourselves on providing support for military service members and their families. We have four different programs for military family travel assistance that support our active duty and veteran community. There is a program for fallen law enforcement officers.

Wounded Warrior Transportation Assistance Program

Our Wounded Warrior Transportation Assistance Program, or W.W.T.A.P, provides travel assistance to family members of active-duty military members who have suffered an injury. Service members might sustain an injury during combat, or in a training accident. It’s possible for the service member to get treatment and long-term care in a military hospital if the hospital is not located in close proximity to the service member’s family or home.

While receiving long-term inpatient care, our wounded military service members need the support of their families. Rehabilitation and recovery can take a long time. With our help, family members are able to travel to the location where the military service member receives treatment. We believe having family support during treatment can make a difference in the service member’s recovery.

Major Illness Transportation Assistance Program

The Major Illness Transportation Assistance Program, or M.I.T.A.P, is designed to provide military family travel assistance for service members who develop a major illness during active duty deployment. Major illnesses, like cancer, often require lengthy treatments away from home.

Luke’s Wings is dedicated to helping military members get the treatment they need. We provide transportation for service members and their families regardless of the location of the medical facility. With our assistance, military members will get the family support they need throughout the treatment of their major illnesses.

Veterans in Hospice Transportation Assistance Program

Our Veterans in Hospice Transportation Assistance Program, or H.T.A.P., provides transportation assistance for the family members of veterans who receive hospice or palliative care. This program helps our veterans get the comfort and support they need during their final moments. Family members are able to say final goodbyes to their loved ones with our transportation.

Veterans who receive assistance through this program have served during World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Gulf War, and more.

Special Operations Transportation Assistance Program

The Special Operations Transportation Assistance Program, or S.O.T.A.P, is designed to provide assistance to our Special Operations Forces. These service members are part of exclusive teams like the Air Force Special Operations, Army Rangers, Army Green Berets, Navy SEALS, Marine MARSOC, and more.

In order to provide support, Luke’s Wings partners with the United States Special Operations Command Care Coalition. Their Warrior Care Program provides non-medical assistance to Special Operation Forces and their families.

These military service members need more than medical assistance when they are ill, wounded, and injured. Services provided through the Warrior Care Program include rehabilitation, recovery, transition, and reintegration. The goal of the program is to help these service members and their families transition to civilian life. The program offers mental and physical support.

S.O.T.A.P. provides transportation for service members and their families to the recovery care sites as well as military treatment facilities.

Fallen Officer’s Transportation Assistance Program

Luke’s Wings provides assistance to families of fallen law enforcement officers through our Fallen Officer’s Transportation Assistance Program, or F.O.T.A.P. When an officer is severely injured or dies in the line of duty, their family members benefit from having access to emergency travel arrangements.

We provide complimentary airfare and travel coordination to families of fallen or severely injured officers. The program allows family members to travel without the burden of expensive airplane tickets. Without our support, some family members aren’t able to support the injured officer or attend the funeral.

Support Luke’s Wings to Help Provide Military Family Travel Assistance

It’s only with your help that Luke’s Wings is able to provide transportation assistance to our nation’s military service members. There are two ways you can help us with our mission. The first way is to make a monetary donation. We accept donations online, over the phone, and through the mail. Letters sent with donations are shared with the families you help.

The second way to help is to donate your Delta Sky Miles. Luke’s Wings is honored to be one of 15 organizations selected to be a Delta SkyWish Partner. The Delta SkyWish program allows us to use donated Delta Sky Miles for the travel arrangements of military service members and their families.

You can help us provide emergency travel planning services and airplane tickets to military service members and their families by donating here. Any amount you are able to donate will help us reunite service members with their loved ones in their time of need. Contact us for more information about our military services.

July 26, 2022