If you are military personnel who needs to travel overseas, there are a few important things you should know about your travel plans that will help your trips go smoothly. Passports, of course, are an essential part of your international travel. You have access to special accomodations with passports, as well as military family travel assistance, that is valuable to you as you plan your trip!

Military Passports

The government may issue two passports to military personnel. One passport is called a “military passport”. The “standard passport”, which is the second passport, requires the person to pay applicable passport fees.

The military passport allows military personnel as a member of the Armed Forces to have access to foreign nations in the discharge of their official duties. They use a military passport when the passport is also accompanied by official travel orders.

No-Fee Passports

Other no-fee passports are issued to military families and government officials. This includes military and government officials traveling abroad to represent the United States in an official capacity. Dependents traveling abroad who have special permission to travel to honor a deceased family member of the Armed Forces may also receive these no-fee passports.

A few other select situations exist when the government issues an exemption from the usual passport fee. When a person who has a no-fee passport wants to travel abroad for personal reasons, they must use a regular passport book or card, which requires standard fee payments.

Standard Passports

The most common type of passport is the standard passport, also known as a regular or tourist passport. The government issues this passport to American citizens who travel for work, study, business, and other civilian purposes. Military personnel will use this passport for those same reasons. 

The standard passport contains the full name of the person along with their photograph. It provides the place and date of birth, signature, and expiration date of the passport. Passports are good for 10 years for adults. A standard passport book costs $130, a passport card costs $30, and a book and card together are $160.

Military Family Travel Assistance is Available

Be aware of military family travel assistance or experts who can answer your questions and provide you with resources! Luke’s Wings was founded in 2008 after learning that the government only provides a very limited number of flights for loved ones to be at the bedside after a service member is injured. This organization steps in to fill the gaps for the months and years ahead as the injured or ill service member recovers from their situation.

This non-profit organization provides emergency travel planning services. They access airplane tickets for the families and loved ones of wounded, ill, and injured service members, veterans, and fallen officers. This allows them to be present during hospital recovery and rehabilitation.

We all want the best for our military personnel who have protected and defended our country for centuries. Many gave their time and their lives to defend the United States, often at their own personal expense.

Tangible opportunities exist for those who want to honor military personnel and their families. Give today to help our service members and their families in a difficult time. Help provide for them when they need to be with a loved one in need due to illness, or injury.

May 17, 2022