Providing support to the wounded service members can make them feel valued, appreciated, and empowered to overcome their challenges. You can provide help for veterans by being part of programs like the Wounded Warrior Transportation Assistance Program (W.W.T.A.P.). Luke’s Wings introduced this program to support injured service members during their recovery. Here’s more on what the program involves:

What Is the Wounded Warrior Transportation Assistance Program (W.W.T.A.P.)?

W.W.T.A.P. is a program that offers flights to the loved ones of veterans, fallen officers, and service members injured in combat or training during their deployment. These flights allow family members and friends to support their wounded loved ones during treatment and rehabilitation. This can quicken the healing process as loved ones can offer the emotional and physical support needed to get through treatment.

Luke’s Wings started this program after realizing that the government only provides a limited number of flights for family members and friends to visit a service member after an injury. After these flights, the loved ones have to bear the financial responsibility of visiting their injured loved ones alone. This can take a toll on their financial standing and prevent those who can’t afford regular flights from being there for the injured service members, possibly affecting their recovery.

W.W.T.A.P. serves without discrimination and encourages the loved ones of wounded heroes to request flights on our site. We have a fast turnaround for emergencies, and we can reunite our warriors with their loved ones within a few days or weeks. You can help us reunite them quicker by donating to this program.

How Can You Donate to the Program?

Since we’re a non-profit organization, we rely on donations from individual and corporate partners to keep this program running. The more you donate, the more heroes we can reunite with their loved ones.

You can donate through our secure site, call us, or mail any amount to our office. Individuals can help our cause by donating their Delta SkyMiles to help fly out military families. You can donate through Amazon Smile by choosing our charity as your designated charity of choice. When you do, the Amazon Smile Foundation will present a fraction of your purchase to our charity. Every donation you make allows us to say yes to more military families and support their recovery journeys.

You can support us by volunteering your services whenever you’re free. Our service areas include general volunteering, events management, finance management, communication and logistics, public relations, legal services, and fundraising management. Offering your help can reduce our operational costs and allow us to focus more funds on military families’ transportation.

Offer Your Help for Veterans Today

Our service members strive to enhance peace and security and protect the country’s rights and freedom. You can show appreciation for their sacrifice by donating to W.W.T.A.P., a program by Luke’s Wings that provides flights for the loved ones of injured veterans, and service members.

Luke’s Wings is a non-profit organization that helps reunite injured and ill service members with their loved ones. Your donations enable our dedicated team to help our nation’s heroes every step of the way. Contact us to learn how you can support our assistance program and offer help to veterans.

October 10, 2022