Like their loved ones in the armed forces, military families sacrifice much for our country. Yet those families’ hardships receive less media attention and so go overlooked. Still, service members, Veterans, and military family members have resources available to help overcome the challenges of military life. Let’s explore several options—including Military OneSource, the VA, and Tricare—specifically designed to support you, from educational assistance to complimentary military discount flights.

Luke’s Wings stands by our heroes and ensures they receive the care and support they deserve. Our organization provides emergency travel planning services and airplane tickets for the families and loved ones of wounded, ill, and injured service members, Veterans, and fallen officers during hospital recovery and rehabilitation. Learn how Luke’s Wings can help you at (512) 971-9748.

Below, we outline 5 resources military service members and families can seek for support:

1. Military OneSource

Military OneSource is a comprehensive website that offers a range of resources—counseling services, financial guidance, and educational materials—for military-involved individuals. The website is free for all active-duty service members, reservists, Veterans, and their families looking for trustworthy information, and it can connect them to further information and opportunities.

2. The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)

The federal Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) provides diverse benefits and services to American Veterans, including healthcare, disability compensation, education assistance, and even home loans. The VA even offers mental health resources for Veterans struggling with PTSD or other mental health conditions. Many Veterans find like-minded communities and support through the VA.

3. Tricare

The designated healthcare program for uniformed service members and their families, Tricare offers coverage for medical services in military and civilian hospitals as well as treatment facilities. Like the VA, Tricare also provides mental health services for service members.

4. Military Family Life Counselors (MFLCs)

Military Family Life Counselors (MFLCs) are licensed professionals who provide confidential counseling services to military families at no cost. MFLCs can assist with deployment stress, relationship conflicts, parenting challenges, and many more issues. Specialized counselors are also available through multiple sources, including those mentioned in this article.

5. Veteran Service Organizations (VSOs)

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Numerous Veteran Service Organizations (VSOs) support veterans in various ways. Organizations such as the American Legion, Disabled American Veterans (DAV), and Wounded Warrior Project offer advocacy services, financial assistance programs, peer support groups, and more. Luke’s Wings provides complimentary flights and travel planning to qualifying military families.

Receive Complimentary Military Discount Flights from Luke’s Wings

The sacrifices our service members and Veterans have made demand that we provide them with the support they need. By utilizing the resources available, military families can access valuable assistance in navigating military life. Beyond free military discount flights, Luke’s Wings offers free emergency travel planning and airfare to loved ones of qualifying wounded, ill, or injured service members. Call us at (512) 971-9748 to reunite with loved ones when you and they need it most.