Appreciating veterans can make them feel honored and valued. You can show gratitude for veterans by donating to various veteran organizations. Through veteran donations like these, Luke’s Wings can connect more wounded or sick veterans with those they love. Here are three ways to appreciate veterans this Thanksgiving:

1. Make Veteran Donations 

Veterans sacrificed a lot to protect our freedom and independence. You can show gratitude for their services by donating to organizations that recognize them for their hard work and support their recovery journeys. 

Luke’s Wings is dedicated to helping veterans spend time with their loved ones this Thanksgiving. We can connect veterans to their families through our Veterans in Hospice Transportation Assistance Program (H.T.A.P.) and Major Illnesses Transportation Assistance Program (M.I.T.A.P). 

H.T.A.P. caters to veterans in palliative or hospice care who served in The Vietnam War, World War II, The Gulf War, and The Korean War. The program gives flights to their loved ones so they can be together in their final moments. We do so in order to give the veterans a final salute for their dedicated service. 

M.I.T.A.P. is dedicated to service members who developed chronic illnesses during their service and are undergoing treatment at medical facilities. We understand that keeping up with continuous treatment can be financially challenging. We provide flights for service members and their loved ones. 

Your donation can allow veterans to share moments and create memories with their loved ones during Thanksgiving. This is a great way to thank them for their service and appreciate their families for their strength and support throughout the veterans’ deployments. 

2. Volunteer for Veteran Causes 

Volunteering your services to veteran charities and causes can help keep costs down. Luke’s Wings relies majorly on donations and volunteers to run — volunteering can help us shift our resources from paying for needed services to bringing more veteran families together this Thanksgiving. Here are some of the fields you can volunteer in:

  • Legal 
  • Communications and logistics 
  • Finance 
  • Public relations 
  • Corporate sponsorship 
  • General volunteer

We are open to working with you on your schedule so you don’t have to rearrange your commitments or experience inconveniences. You only need to tell us about your availability, and we will schedule you at a time that is convenient for you.

3. Host a Fundraiser 

Hosting a fundraiser can help you collect more money and get your friends involved in a worthy cause. You can help us fly more families out to meet their loved ones this Thanksgiving by hosting a fundraiser. You can then donate the proceeds to Luke’s Wings. Our team can guide you throughout the process if you’re unsure how to arrange the event. 

Bring More Loved Ones Together This Thanksgiving 

Luke’s Wings is dedicated to showing appreciation to our veterans this Thanksgiving by bringing them and their loved ones together. We can transport more veterans’ families to spend this holiday with their loved ones through your veteran donations, volunteering, or fundraisers. Let our veterans know how much we appreciate their sacrifices by contributing in whatever capacity you can. 

November 2, 2022