With over 12 years of dynamic experience in the world of event management, Maria stands as an accomplished Director of Events, renowned for curating extraordinary events & meetings. Maria’s unyielding passion and flair for creativity have been integral to her success, translating into a rich repertoire of knowledge and an innate gift for transforming visionary concepts into tangible realities.

Beyond her professional accolades, Maria’s enthusiasm for the finer things in life shines through her pursuits as a culinary and wine connoisseur. Adept in the arts of cooking, baking, and the appreciation of wine, she has woven her penchant for creativity seamlessly from the event canvas to the kitchen. This dedication to innovation and excellence extends to every facet of her life. Maria is excited to be a part of the Luke’s Wings Team, aiming to amplify the Events Program’s impact and extend the gift of connection to even more families.